Barbie and Red Ribbon cake design contest

June 29, 2018 1

I got the email invitation from Barbie that they will be having a cake design contest with Red Ribbon. They invited bloggers and influencer moms and kids to join. Winner will be flying to Malaysia to represent the country at the Barbie cupcake design contest. So, I asked the girls if they were willing to do this with me and they said yes right away.

Last June 23, we had a short baking class at Red Ribbon with fellow moms and their daughters. Right after the class was the contest proper. We all had fun. It was a great bonding opportunity for moms and their daughters.

They announced the criteria for judging  at the event. 75% is creativity and neatness and 25% is from the online shares which they posted at their Fb account. Barbie asked us to inform our followers to vote by sharing our posts.

So here’s our story, I was really hesitant at first to join the contest since we’re no experts of designing cakes and cupcakes. But the girls wanted it so I gave in. When Julia knew that there was an online voting, she campaigned for our entry by telling our family to share our photo. She messaged our friends, ninangs and ninongs and everyone she can think of. Every minute, she will check our number of shares. I told her to slow down and relax coz online was just 25%. She knew they did a good job with their cake. We were even required to bring our passports at the day of the contest, I didn’t bring ours and my exact words were “ok lang di naman kami mananalo”.

Everyday I see how competitive my daughter was. Talia was more relaxed maybe because she’s younger. Julia kept on reminding our helpers and everyone in the house to share. When it was sleeping time, she will hand me her phone and tell me “mommy, can you share when you wake up at night?” And checks again the next morning. She wanted to win. But we did not.

When they announced the winner, I told the girls that we didn’t win. Just 1 sec after, Julia cried then Talia followed. It was heartbreaking for a mom to see her kids cry of course. I told them maybe they deserve it more than us. Maybe we can do better next time. Julia said “But mommy our cake design was nice” I told them,  yes ours was nice, but what’s nice for us might not be nice for others.

I admit, I felt a little guilty. My daughter wanted to win. I was half hearted with the idea to represent the country. Deep inside, I didn’t want to win. I didn’t want to deal with the pressure. But when my girls cried, I was heart broken. They wanted it so bad. Julia taught me a lot in this experience. I learned from her that when you’re given a responsibility, you really have to be in it. Your mind and heart should be there. You give it your all in everything that you do. I was in my ‘chill’ self the whole time. It was a mother and daughter tandem but I felt I was far from them. Their vision was different from mine. They wanted to represent the country and show the world their design. I always have a personal issue with my creativity. My mom was an artist. A very good painter. Since I wasn’t close to my mom growing up, I’ve always escape the idea of me being a painter or a creative person. I didn’t like the idea of people telling me that I got it from her. There are some personal issues you can’t get over with. Maybe not now. If I had given my best, If I wasn’t chill, you think my kids will be happy? Well, I don’t know too. But one thing’s for sure, I learned a lot from this contest. I learned that if your kids are involved, you can’t be relaxed. You have to face the pressure. You have to accept things and move forward.

But my heart is very grateful for our family, friends and our supporters for voting for us. 14 thousand plus shares are no joke! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

And to my dear girls, win or lose. Whatever happens, we did everything for love. Only for love. . The love we’ve created and the love we’re still constructing!


Couldnt agree more. I cried after reading this… a certain feeling a mother would understand 😔

June 29, 2018 at 3:29 pm Ally Reply

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