My Birth Story

November 5, 2017 1

I remember the morning of March 16, 2017; we went to the doctor for my last ultrasound. My doctor advised me if we can do my CS operation the next day. Went home, got our stuff and went to the hospital to be admitted. I was CS with Julia because I was Placenta Previa Totalis which was not possible with normal delivery, so I had to be CS all the way. Early morning of March 17, doctors prepared me for my D-day. Everything went fine. At exactly 7:45 am, Basti was born. He was so red and big. For a mother, he was perfect! My husband was inside the Operating Room too. We were all happy. I can’t remember how I managed to do thumbs up here while some people were closing up my open tummy. I was moved to the recovery room with the baby and we waited for 4 hours to be transferred to our room. Nurses were checking our vital signs, Bp etc.. You know the usual. My doctor advised me to sleep but I didn’t sleep. My mommy instincts were strong that time. I knew something was not right. They kept checking on the baby. Moved him from sleeping on his back to sleeping on his tummy. Basti was only an hour old and saw him lift his head up while he was sleeping on his tummy. I told myself, wow he really is a boy. He’s so strong. Then the nurse told me she would call our pedia. I got nervous. Then our pedia came and told me Basti had Tachypnea. I was like, “what on earth is that?!” Tachypnea is a condition that causes rapid and shallow breathing due to an imbalance or carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body. Again, I got super nervous. But doctors told me it’s normal for CS deliveries. It happens when the baby has so much water intake. I  got a go signal from my OB that I could go to my room but the baby had to stay at the Intermediate Care Unit. He had to be treated with antibiotics and worse, they had to put him on IV and Oxygen. Worst news ever for any mother, right? His first intake were medicines rather than breast milk. And I wouldn’t be able to see him till the next day coz I needed to lie flat on my back. I couldn’t visit the baby. I was so upset, sad, scared and at the same time, in pain. Postpartum Depression? shoot, tell me about it! I wanted to break down and just cry. But I knew I needed to compose myself for my breast milk to come out. I tried my best not to be stressed. I told myself I needed to be strong for the baby and for my other kids who missed their mom.  Oh my baby boy! My heart crashed when I saw him the next day. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was just a baby. I prepared all his stuff before I gave birth and he couldn’t even wear anything. Nurses said he could only wear diaper coz they were monitoring him. There I realized that you can never be ready for anything. Things happen and you just have to go with it. I prayed a lot. Called all the angels and saints to heal my baby. My milk didn’t come out till the 5th day. It was really stressful. Thank God, we were discharged on the 4th day and baby was showing great signs of improvement. The skin to skin contact helped a lot. It was such an emotional whirlwind. Finally, we were able to bring Basti home. This is their first picture together. Oh my mama’s heart!

Every child holds lessons for us to learn. And we, as mothers, are reborn again and again with every child we have the honor of loving.

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