Every Brilliant Thing (my very own version)

March 12, 2019 0

It’s been a long time since I visited my own blog. I almost forgot my username and password. Yeah that long. Plus Tita hits. 🙂

A few weeks ago, my friend invited me to see the play Every Brilliant Thing. She said she wanted to watch it with a brilliant friend. Ahem! Haha! Thanks Tet Canlas. (you know I treasure you, friend)

Every Brilliant Thing is the Manila adaptation of the internationally acclaimed Duncan Mcmillan play. It’s a one-character improv play about mental health awareness. Mental Health, I want to talk more about this but it’s too personal. I’m not yet ready. Maybe next time. So let me talk about this in general.

Sometimes we feel like the whole world is against us. That you are stuck in a dark tunnel. That breathing air hurts your entire system. That you feel like friends are not really your friends. That waking up in the morning is harder than you can ever imagine. That you silently wish everything you are feeling is just a bad dream. I could go on and on because I’ve been there..

Let me get this straight, I’m not depressed or something. If you know me, you know how chill I am. I am calm and I am peaceful with what’s going on in my life. But as I’ve said, I’ve been there. I’ve done that. We all did at some point in our lives. After watching the play, I found myself appreciating EVERY BRILLIANT THING in this world. I created a list in my head. So I’m writing these for myself and for you. You can do this too! and you will see how beautiful life is. Get your journals now.

HERE’S MINE: (not in particular order)

1. The hope in my children’s eyes.

2. The comfort of my husband’s voice.

3. The smell of a newly opened book.

4. The smell of Coke when you pour it into a glass.

5. The green leaves swaying with the wind.

6. The sound of the birds.

7. The giggles of little children.

8. The smell of barbecue.

9. The late afternoon breeze.

10. The sight of the fluffy clouds.

11. The color blue.

12. Friends who check on you.

13, My favorite Korean Dramas.

14. Songs that you can relate to.

15. Cutie puppies.

16. Night time sky with full of stars.

17. The comfort of my blanket.


and my list goes on and on.. Makes me feel good. Makes me smile every time. Makes me appreciate the beauty of Every Brilliant Thing in this world. Life is amazing! You only live once. Appreciate every little thing. 🙂



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