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January 2, 2018 0
Several moons ago, I met this man. It wasn’t the typical boy meets girl story. Music brought us together. It was more like the movie “Music and Lyrics” type. But we never planned anything. We never planned to fall in love. There was no spark or whatever they call it. It was just plain “work”. (Well, for me it was) But love came knocking at our doors. It was so hard to resist. As they say, what you resist, persists. It was tough. It was hard. Francis was in a relationship then and we knew it wasn’t right. But how come something so wrong feels so right? It wasn’t easy. I prayed for it really hard. I asked for signs. I even questioned the universe why did we ever meet. People were quick to judge. Of course, they knew nothing. I got lost of hate messages. People who barely knew me raised their brows. I was the “bad girl”.  It was hurting me at first but then again, I reminded myself to stay strong. They had their own truth. I knew mine.
Love is a certain kind of gravity. There’s nothing you can do but surrender to it. I trusted love to be in charge. I didn’t have to live my life bitter, angry or afraid. I chose love. I chose him. We were young. We were 2 people about to jump a cliff. There was no turning back. 
A solid marriage is built one brick at a time. Layer by layer it tells our story. Some happy some sad. Nothing is perfect. What is important is you learn how to fail together, gracefully.
We were just kids when we had Julia. Me being the only child, I didn’t know what to do. I only knew how to take care of my dogs. Francis didn’t know anything either. We survived. We just loved to the fullest.
We had lots of adventures and misadventures. We are not just husband and wife. We are the best of friends.
Our love story started out rough but we are still here. Strong and loving more than we were before.
This year we will be celebrating our 8th year anniversary. I am grateful everyday that God led me to you. Last December 25, Franics asked me again to be his wife forever. Of course, I said yes again. Choosing again what I chose before. I pushed- you pulled. I doubted- you held on. Thank you for that. When asked, how did you know he’s the one? When you know, you just know.
8 years later, we are the Concios party of 5!

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