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July 3, 2018 0

1. From @lovekonicoleee: How do you manage to be a mom, a wife and a manager po and also a blogger? Paano nyo nagagawa lahat yan? kasi sa panahon ngayon madali sumuko ang mga tao lalo na pag napapagod. Kayo po? How do you handle everything pag pagod na kayo? I want to know po para sa future maging strong woman din ako.


  • Hi Nicole! I’m just so lucky that I get to work from home. I have a Road Manager to go with Juris when she has shows (except for out of the country shows ako talaga ang kasama) Magka trabaho kami ni Juris for 12 years now. Siyempre nong nag start kami, talagang I do all the leg work. Pawis, luha, lahat na tipong na oospital na kami sa pagod ganon. Mas relax na lng ngayon kasi kilala na siya and may mga pamilya na din kami. Being a blogger naman, I just do this for fun. Kumbaga passion ko siya. Hanapin mo din ang passion mo tapos gawin mo lng. May audience ka man o wala. It’s really good for the soul. Being a mom is my favorite of all. Super nakakapagod pero rewarding. You will understand when you will have your own children in the future. Napapagod naman talaga tayo, tao lang siyempre. But I make sure I do what I love para kahit papano ganado akong gawin. Pag na burn out minsan, then I just go out and have some alone time. And siyempre, I pray. I pray to God to always give me strength. I surrender everything to Him. Then, laban lang ulit. Masaya ang buhay Nicole. It’s a wonderful gift to be alive. To spend time with the people you love. 🙂


2. From @ghe.villanueva: Ano o yung similarities between Julia and Talia? And ano naman differences nila? And sa anong bagay po sila nagkakasundo? Is it hard to raise 2 daughters na hindi magkalayo ng age?


  • Hi Ghe! Julia and Talia are very different from each other but they’re both very sweet and good kids. And they both love each other so much. Julia is very compassionate. She is always sensitive to the needs of others and always showing concern for others. She is very observant. She may be quiet and timid but she knows what’s going on. Julia loves to write. She expresses herself by writing on her diary. Talia naman, is like a baby. She was the baby of the family for 5 years. She loves attention and she expresses herself in her actions and words. She is fierce and would not bend if she knows she is right. Tough on the outside but very soft on the inside. Unlike Julia who loves to be with her friends, Talia would rather spend her time with her Ate and her family. She has friends too pero konti lang. She thinks Ate Julia is her only best friend. But Talia loves to talk to anyone pero she wants to keep her circle small. Si Julia lahat gusto nyang kaibiganin. Kahit sobrang magkaiba sila, nagkakasundo sila sa napakadaming bagay. They grew up together. Even before, di pa clear ang words nila. Nagkakaintindihan na sila. They do everything together. At first, it was hard for me coz 2 girls were still on diapers. Dalawa silang nagigising sa gabi and humihingi pa ng milk dati. I remember lagi kong pinagdadasal na sana hindi magsabay gumising kasi kung magsabay di na matutulog yun. Mahirap din kasi when the other one is sick, sure yun na susunod naman magkasakit ang isa. It was really hard but it gets easier when they’re older. And even though it was hard, (well, it still is pero di na sobra) It is very rewarding to see them grow as good human beings.


3. From @iamkimmy025: How do handle your kids tantrums when in you’re in a public place?

  • Hi Kimmy! Ok would you believe my kids are only cranky when they’re hungry and sleepy? Well, I think I’m just so lucky. I know what makes them upset so I always make sure we eat on time and we only go out after their nap time. Most of the time, I just talk to them. I keep my calm so they will be calm too. Sometimes kasi pag sinasabayan mo yung tantrums ng bata ng galit mas lalo silang magwala. Just try to talk to them or maybe time out. You stay in one corner then just tell your kid, babalik tayo don pag ready na siya. And make your kid use his words so you will understand din san nanggaling yung tantrums nya. 🙂


4. From @jhaynicematz : Ano po yung madali at masarap na ipambabaon sa studyante na ulam na di mahal po?

  • Hi Jhaynice! Si Julia nagababaon siya ng monngo at kanin. Bale pag monggo ang ulam sa gabi, tinitirhan siya at iniit na lng sa umaga. Hindi din mahilig sa processed food ang mga anak ko. Di pa nga sila naka tikim ng hotdog.
  • Mac and Cheese with mushroom. All you need is pack of elbow macaroni, 1 can of mushroom and 1 pack of cheese. Pwedeng pam baon tapos may tira pang merienda pag uwi ng bata.
  • Tuna Lumpiang shanghai. Lumpia wrapper, 1 can of tuna in water, drained. 1 cup potatoes grated in water, 1 cup carrot, finely chopped. salt and oil for frying.
  • Julia’s favorite my home made fried rice. Eto kahit wala ng ulam. Thinly sliced beef, fried. Green peas, carrots, chooped. egg, scrambled. Cook with kikoman then add salt to taste or magic sarap. You mix everything in butter.
  • Then you can buy the shape cutters in Dyson for your fruits. Gawa ka ng heart shaped apples or pears. Tapos star bananas.


5. From @joycecamillerc: I want to ask for your advice on how to tell my 8 year old daughter na hindi pa namin kaya siyang bigyan ng kapatid. Palagi nya kaming tinatanong kung kelan daw siya magkakaroon ng kapatid. We told her soon pero makulit na talaga siya kasi lahat ng friends nya may kapatid. Sabi nya “bad ang ma inggit pero na inngit ako kina tita may baby sila sana tayo magkaroon na.” Hindi po sa ayaw namin or may mali samin. Ang true reason po ay hindi pa kami financially stable. Sakto lang kita for a small family. How do I explain to my daughter our situation?

  • Hi Joyce! Thanks also for sending me a video of your daughter. Nakakatuwa na na inspire din siya ni Julia. Anyway, your daughter will be a very good big sister for sure in the future. Nakikita mo na kasi gustong gusto nya maging Ate e. You know what, tell your daughter the truth in a way na maiintindihan ng bata. Tell her it’s never easy to raise a child. And tell her you want to give her a comfortable life and that you are not financially ready for another child. Try an alternative too, maybe a pet? or a baby doll muna? Tell her too that you want her to be the baby of the family muna. Assure her that you love her kahit di nyo pa kaya ma bigay ang gusto nya. I am an only child too so I understand your daughter. But there’s no other way but the truth. Talk to her and tell her your concerns. Sometimes children need to know what’s going on in the real world too. You pray together as a family. Say your concerns in a form of prayer. And your daughter will do the same too.


6. From @leiiigggh: If everything will change and you become a farmer, are you willing to be one? or you’d rather die than be a farmer.

  • Hi Leigh! I admit, I laughed a little when I read your question. Then I checked your profile and decided to publish your question for you and your fellow young girls and boys in this generation. Without a doubt, I will say yes! You know how farmers play a very important role in our daily lives? Farming is one of the most noble profession. Without our farmers, we would be forced to eat processed and unhealthy foods. Anong mangyayari satin? magkakasakit sakit tayo kasi hindi sariwa ang kinakain natin. I grew up in the province where we get all our fruits and vegetables in the garden. Sanay akong umakyat ng mga puno para kumuha ng prutas. Exposed din ako sa pag tatanim ng mga puno at halaman. Hindi lang yan basta “magsasaka lang” napaka laki ng parte nila sating lahat. Kung wala sila, pano na yung rice? E dito satin di tayo nabubuhay pag walang kanin dba? Farming also play a big role to our local economy. Hindi siya pang walang choice. You need to have that passion to be a farmer. It requires hard work and skills. Ang sabi nga sa kanta dba? “Magtanim ay di biro!’ 🙂





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