Why we love travelling with our children

November 30, 2017 0
We travel to make memories. They will be stored in our memory bank. We take photos. Lots of them. It’s always a great opportunity for our family to bond. To explore a new city or country together. I want to cherish every moment because they grow so fast. Motherhood is such a wild ride but every ride is all worth it. I want to see the world in their eyes because children see things differently and beautifully.
I don’t want them to just see the world, I want them to understand the world. I want them to understand the culture. I want them to see people equally. The ones who welcome, rather than shun. The ones when tragedy hits, they say  “come sit with me, hold my hand and let’s try to understand.” Regardless the culture, religion, sex or skin color.
Although I know my kids won’t remember everything, I will never forget them. Why do we travel with small kids again? It’s not just for them but also for us. Because our time with our children is way too precious. Travel while you still can. See the world with them because when they’re older, they will spend most of their time with their friends and the love of their lives. When they’re older, you may be weak to travel. You will have food restrictions. You may easily get tired. And the list goes on. Most importantly, travelling is also a good foundation of your relationship as a family. Mind you, they grow overnight!
 *Basti’s first airplane ride. HongKong November 10-14, 2017

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